Snakitch, the arcade block game receives good reviews on Google Play store

February 09 04:22 2018

Snakitch is the newly launched arcade block game that has received good reviews from the users on Google Play store. It is an arcade game that requires the users to focus and tap to push their block ahead while avoiding the obstacles along the way. One of the users on Google Play mentions in their review, “Few improvements here and there and it’s quite the catch”, while another one says, “Very addictive Game. Nice Job”.

The game features an optical illusion, a snake movement inspired background where the user has the power to control a moving block. They have to move the block in the upward direction and reach as high as possible in such a way that they don’t hit any obstacles. By tapping the screen once, the user can shift the block one step above but it’ll change its direction and velocity. If the user taps and holds the screen, the block will switch its direction and speed up until they release.

Snakitch is a unique game that tests the quick reflexes and analytical skills of the user. Based on their judgment, they have to decide when to tap once and when to tap multiple times to keep moving in the upward direction. The game has over 300 levels that increase in difficulty as the user progresses further in the game. The user will encounter a variety of different traps and obstacles and they can use the helpful powerups to overcome them. Some of the power-ups include Swaps, Portals, and Coins. While obstacles include: Static and Dynamic blocks, Colorful Lines and more. The user can try to discover all the different hidden objects and obstacles to beat the high score and compete with their friends.

Snakitch is a fun game that provides hours of fun with its hundreds of levels. It features quality graphics accompanied with cool sound effects to keep the user more engaged in the game. In the latest version of the game, the developers have added level difficulty UI during gameplay and the player will have a quicker start after the first game. They have also improved the reward system and the players will now be able to purchase their rewards with the coins obtained during the gameplay.

The game is available for free download at Google Play store

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