ReFit is the Elegant, Portable Solution for Recharging Cell Phone and Monitoring Vitality

February 27 22:57 2017

Almost everyone has encountered that “Uh oh!” moment when they realize that their phone is almost out of power. While you can lug around a bulky, unattractive charger, there is now a much more appealing solution called ReFit. ReFit looks like a chic electronic watch—and has many of the same features of a smartwatch—but it has a cleverly designed micro-USB connector and a powerful battery that can recharge up to 40% of your iPhone or Android phone’s charge.

Engineered to look like a smartwatch, ReFit has a hidden micro-USB connection in the flexible steel  clamp wristband. In addition to a robust recharger function, ReFit also can display time, count steps taken, monitor heart rate, and detect altitude.  This amazing device is controlled using a Bluetooth app from your phone that also features ReFit location finding, floors climbed and calories burned.  It also has a low power use feature that ensures your ReFit will always have enough power to jumpstart your cell phone.

ReFit is a game-changing new device that promises to become immensely popular once it is released to the public, but you can now obtain your own ReFit through a Kickstarter campaign.  Through this exclusive campaign, you may now get the Early Bird or decorative Gold version of ReFit along with the Lightning charging cable at a steep discounted price.  You may also be eligible for perks like project updates, “Thank You” videos, personalized products, or a retail partnership.

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